Public Works


Water Department

City of Cascade Water Department provides City Water system customers with clean, safe drinking water at the lowest price possible.  The Water Department operates three wells, water treatment, three water storage tanks, two Pressure Relief Valves (“PRV”), and distribution laboratory sampling. We are responsible for the maintenance of pumps, tanks, RPVs, chlorination system, laboratory analysis and reporting to state and federal agencies for water monitoring requirements.  They oversees all maintenance and operations of the city water system which includes all seasonal water turn ons/offs, 24/7 emergency call outs, the replacement or repair of aging or leaking services/main lines, installing of water meters, repair or replacement of fire hydrants, reading meters for utility billings, also the inspection of all new water lines and water services.

Wastewater Disposal

The Wastewater division oversees all maintenance and operations of four sewer lift stations, manholes and distribution/collection lines throughout the city. The crew is on call 24/7 for emergency call outs for power outages, main line backups, hazardous spills, and clean up. We also look for damaged lines or manholes helping in treatment cost and storage saving to the facility.  They are also responsible for the maintenance of pumps, filters, aerators, disinfection equipment, laboratory analysis and reporting to state and federal agencies for wastewater monitoring requirements.

Roads & Streets

The Streets division is is responsible for City streets, including snow removal, sanding, street sweeping, signing and pavement marking, pothole repair, chip sealing, dust abatement, and shoulder maintenance. The Division also maintains City storm water infrastructure, including ditches, culverts, and storm drainage piping. Crews coordinate with the Idaho Transportation Department (“ITD”) and Valley County.


The City of Cascade Water Study is now in the planning phase. Crucial to the planning phase is the ability to provide consistent  water pressure within the delivery system and identify areas where water pressure varies. Please complete the survey below.


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As the colors begin to change and the crisp fall evenings, you will find Cascade an excellent place to enjoy its many camping opportunities.


Cascade offers endless winter activities.  You can enjoy a whole range of experiences from snowshoeing to ice-fishing and snowmobiling.


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